Member Marketing Programs

Focus on marketing programs which allow each member to select the one or more optional programs which meets their needs Coop, International,Domestic, Internet, Advertising marketing in Cavendish, Chester, Ludlow, Weston, Mt Holly, Weathersfield and Springfield, Vermont.

Exclusive Member Marketing Programs

During the last four years the Okemo Valley Chamber has continued to grow its marketing programs in direct response to input from our members. We remain committed to providing our members with a selection of optional marketing programs which will change over time, as the customer and market demands dictate.

Canadian at PAR

After review, the Executive Board of the Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce has made a decision based on the rapid devaluation of the US dollar against Canadian currency.

As of December 15, 2004 the Canadian Dollar is valued at .82 US. Okemo Valley businesses who agree to accept Canadian Funds at face value would be providing an 18% discount. This may be less than the normal rate you get for goods and services... BUT Canadians do not come to southern Vermont for 1 or 2 nights.

Further, Canadian at Par is not valid for lodging or dining packages or retail items already on sale. Nor can this offer be combined with any other offer. For example: Lodging typically offers a 10% AAA room rate discount. The Canadian customer can have either the AAA rate or the Canadian at Par rate but CANNOT combine both offers.

Chamber Staff has carefully created an incentive program for Canadian Travelers i.e. Canadian at Par. Staff has contacted the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing(VDTM) and they have agreed to assist in promoting our "Canadian at Par" program with targeted press releases to the Canadian media. VDTM is excited about our program as Okemo Valley would be the first major destination in central and southern Vermont to accept Canadian at Par

How it will work. You notify this office in writing (email or fax) that you will accept Canadian at Par under the terms outlined. As soon as we have your commitment we will take the following steps.

1. Place a link to your web site on a Special Web Page which will be promoted in press releases from VDTM and this Office. Take a look at the page
Review how we are promoting the program. Please note that we adding a French Translation of what you see on the page now. It will also be posted on this page shortly.

2. Provide you with a jpeg file "CDN @ par" which you can post on your web site or display at your business.
3. How long will this offer last? As of today the trend is for the Canadian dollar to increase in value against the US dollar. Therefore, we will continue this special offer for the foreseeable future.

4. How much do I have to pay the Chamber? NOTHING!
5.QUESTIONS Call 875-2939 or 228-5830

DC Deals

The Okemo Valley Regional Chamber will attend the Adventure Travel Show in Washington DC, Janurary 28-30th, 2005. We will share a booth with the Stowe Areas Association and the Vermont Department of Travel. Okemo Valley will distribute the CD Rom to those stopping at the booth.

After some discussion the Chambers Executive Board determined that offering an incentive to come and spend time in the Okemo Valley should be part of our Adventrue Travel Show plan.

Chamber Staff has developed a special promotion called “DC Deals” and will print a color label which will be affixed to all CD’s we give out at the show (est 12-1,600). The labels message is simple...DON’T Search the web. Just Call and ask for the DC Deal at participating properties. Just the best deal Up Front on request. Link to the DC Deal page(see link to the RIGHT)

The DC Deal program will ONLY be promoted at the Washington DC Show. Customers must go to the web page to locate a list of participants. Links to this page do not appear on our web site (hidden page)

Next Step:
Participating properties must agree to offer their best priced.. Room Rate or Package for the dates wanted by the caller.
Send an email or fax (228-7642) confirming that you agree... "When the Caller asks for DC Deal to offer your Best Room rate or Package up front for the dates requested. Callers must ask for the DC Deal up front! Further that you agree to frequently report DC Deal inquiries and bookings to the Chamber.

1. What the Chamber will do. Install a link to your web site on the DC Deals page

2. What is your cost to participate? $0, nothing

3. How long will the program be offered? Minimum of 90 days with extensions based on level of success.

4. QUESTIONS Call 875-2939 or 228-5830

Regional Guide Book

The Okemo Valley Regional Guide is published twice a year with a total of over 60,000 copies. The Regional Guide was developed as to provide visitors to the region with a single source of information about our members. Useful editorial information is an important part of the Guide Book. The Winter 05 edition contains articles on Phinus Gauge and a Trivia Contest, Special section on Weddings, Event Calender and Summer Activities
All members are provided a listing under the appropriate category. Members may purchase expanded listing and/or display advertising in the one or both issues..

For details on rates and deadlines contact the Romano and Associates @ 802-363-7200

The Okemo Valley Regional Chamber contracts with a distribution company and Guides are distributed to over 200 local businesses throughout the year. Eight Vermont Information Centers including Brattelbaro and Fair Haven are also supplied the Regional Guide.

Domestic Marketing

The Chamber has monitored visitor trends for an extended period. After 9/11/01 it became evident some of our core customers were shorting their stay length. Much time and effort was spent to determine a course of action which could extend the average length of stay.

The Okemo Valley Chambers Marketing Committee has implemented a Marketing Plan to reach potential visitors in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey between November 2003 and October 2004. A professional produced travelogue video has been produced and is being integrated into a full color CD which will include links to the Chambers Web Site.

Effective November 1, 2003 a Toll Free number was activated as part of our Domestic Marketing program.
Participation in this program is optional. A copy of the Marketing Plan can be obtained by calling the Office. 802-228-5830

Internet Marketing

Marketing on the web with today’s rapidly increasing customer reliance on the Internet for information has resulted in the Okemo Valley Chambers support of two web marketing programs.

A. the official Okemo Valley Chamber Web site. All members are listed for FREE. All Chamber advertising, Regional Guides and press releases list this web site as the place for Official Information.
Members may enhance their position on this web site by purchasing 1 or more Enhanced listings and Links. Funds from are all used to support the Domestic Marketing program outlined bellow.
For details Call the Office 802-228-5830

B. Members are also receive a FREE listing and a link to their web site on the Southern Windsor County Regional Marketing web site, This web site is paid for with Vermont Marketing grant funds. Any business located in Windsor, Springfield, Chester, Cavendish and Ludlow or any outlying business who is a member f one of the Chambers is listed on this web site.

C. The Chamber can also provide a simple one page web site( electronic brochure) at low cost. Should you need a multi page web site please consult the Services Section of our current guide book or the web site for members who can assist you with web development.

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