On-Demand Webinar – Open APIs and the next generation of open banking

On-Demand Webinar – Open APIs and the next generation of open banking

With open banking now bedded in across financial services in multiple regions, there will be discussion around what will come next from open APIs and whether banks are really making the most of them.

Panel Discussion | Driving Marketplace with API Ecosystem and Open Banking

The bi-directional data flow enabled through API banking now facilitates third-party providers to innovate, create and offer new services in a highly inter-operable marketplace ecosystem. In this engaging panel discussion, experts from the industry discussed what the collaborative open-banking environment means for next-generation core banking.

On the panel were
– Felipe Martinez, CIO, Revolut
– Michael Rennie, COO, Cynergy Bank
– Rajesh Mirjankar, Managing Director and CEO,
– Ségolène Démoulin, Chief Product Officer, Skaleet
– Chetan Parekh, Partner, Cedar-IBS Intelligence Group (Moderator)

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Webinar: The Future of FSI: Open Banking , Mobile Innovation & Core System Integration (APJ)

In this exclusive webinar and fireside chat with IBM leaders, we share stories and insights on how banks and financial institutions integrate their legacy and core systems for open banking and mobile banking innovations.

– OpenAPI as the most relevant technology across banks’ digital transformation journey and Open Banking technology
– Architectural design to achieve agile integration and modernization
– Common technology challenges and solutions in FSI

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Apidays LIVE London 2021 – The State of Open Banking APIs By Mark Boyd

Apidays LIVE London
October 27 & 28, 2021

The State of Open Banking APIs
Mark Boyd, Analyst and Author of the State of Banking APIs 2021 Report

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Open Banking, APIs, And PSD2 Explained | Treasury Services Innovation | J.P. Morgan

How are treasurers using APIs? J.P. Morgan experts demystify emerging technologies and discuss use cases in a new series for treasury services.…


Emerging technologies, such as blockchain, API, machine learning, are transforming treasury services. In the following video series, J.P. Morgan innovation leaders demystify these technologies, discuss real-world treasury services use cases, and identify how corporate treasurers can get started experimenting with these technologies today. Open banking is being driven by the need to create a better user experience for our customers, as well as various regulatory initiatives. J.P. Morgan is building APIs and third party integrations that will allow our customers to connect to our services any way they want. The need for Treasurers to automate processes and access real-time information is creating a rapid shift in the industry, and a key force in the growing adoption of the APIs.

About J.P. Morgan:
J.P. Morgan is a leader in financial services, offering solutions to clients in more than 100 countries with one of the most comprehensive global product platforms available. We have been helping our clients to do business and manage their wealth for more than 200 years. Our business has been built upon our core principle of putting our clients’ interests first.

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Open Banking, APIs, And PSD2s Explained | J.P. Morgan